Best Eco Washing Machines

Eco washing machines can have a significant effect on your bills and reduce your environmental impact. Each of those selected for this list has been designed to work efficiently on less electricity and less water. Some of them also include additional functions and programs that produce excellent results while using fewer resources.

The average washing machine uses about 21,000 litres of water annually, but if you choose carefully, you can get some that use almost half that amount. Machines that use less electricity can be identified by their energy efficiency rating. This is a score that can range from G at it’s lowest to A at its highest.

In a hurry to know our overall top eco washing machine? We rank the Haier I-Pro Series 7 HW80-B14979S  as the best eco washing machine in the UK and the Hoover H-WASH 300 H3WS68TAMCE NFC if you’re on a budget.

Best Eco Washing Machines Available in the UK

Here are our picks for the top four eco washing machines based on energy efficiency rating, annual water usage and relevant programmes or functions.

No 1: HAIER I-Pro Series 7 HW80-B14979S

HAIER I-Pro Series 7 HW80-B14979S Model Details

Price (£) 499.99
Energy rating A
Water usage (litres) 8360
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 8
Special programmes Baby Care, Express 15, Steam
Dimensions (cm) H(89) x W(65.3) x D(59.1)

The Haier I-Pro Series 7 is an impressively efficient machine designed to provide professional results at home. The extra-wide door allows you to wash more oversized items and make full use of all 8kg of drum capacity. It’s one of the quietest machines available and is ideal for running at night thanks to the super-effective beltless motor.

Everything about this machine has been designed to be economical and eco-friendly. It’s been awarded an A energy rating, which is the highest you can get, features automatic weight detection so only the correct amount of water, detergent and power is used. The annual water consumption is 8360 litres which is one of the lowest I’ve seen.

There are 14 programs and some offer variable temperature settings to get the best out of every wash. If you’re in a hurry, you can use the quick wash setting to clean 1kg of laundry in only 15minutes. Steam is used to lift out tough stains and you can opt for the refresh mode, which uses vapour to soften and freshen. After each wash, the smart dual spray system automatically washes the drum to prevent the build-up of residues or unpleasant odours.

Overall this is an impressive machine with lots of extras, including a helpful light inside the drum. It comes with a five-year guarantee and Haier are so sure of the design of the motor that it’s covered for a lifetime.


HOOVER H-WASH 300 Pro HBWOS 69TAMCET Model Details

Price (£) 419
Energy rating A
Water usage (litres) 10600
Spin speed (rpm) 1600
Load capacity (kg) 9
Special programmes Quick Wash, All in one 59, KG Mode
Dimensions (cm) H(89) x W(65) x (D(60)

The H-Wash 300 Pro HBWOS 69TAMCET from Hoover is an exceptional eco-friendly, integrated machine with a spin speed of 1600 rpm, a drum capacity of 9kg and an energy rating of A. It can match our best overall pick from Haier in most features, but the larger drum size means that it’s not quite as efficient in its use of water and power.

Whether you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to spend time sorting your clothes, you’ll find the program setting for you. The quick wash can process up to 1.5kg of laundry in 14 minutes and the all in one 59 minute program can take clothes of any colour mixed together. It also features the excellent ‘KG mode’, which uses internal sensors to weigh the clothes and set the most efficient program.

If you want to get advanced with the settings or make changes from the next room, the H-Wash 300 Pro can be connected to WiFi and Bluetooth. You can control it via a phone app or any smart device that is compatible with Alexa or Google Home.

No 3: MIELE W1 WWD 120 WCS

MIELE W1 WWD 120 WCS Model Details

Price (£) 729.99
Energy rating A
Water usage (litres) 101200
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 8
Special programmes Express 20, Pre-ironing, Smart Load
Dimensions (cm) H(94) x W(66) x D(69)

Tested for 20 years of use, the W1WW120 WCS from Miele is a robust piece of kit designed to last. It’s built around a brushless motor which offers a powerful 1400rpm spin while remaining efficient.

This is a more expensive machine than the other two, but it has a few features that they don’t have. For example, the cap dosing system provides the perfect ratio of detergents and softeners for each material type, ensuring exceptional results every time. Also, an add load feature means you can add forgotten items to the drum mid-cycle.

We were particularly impressed with the SmartLoad recognition, a slightly more advanced version of Hoover’s ‘KG Mode’. It uses sensors to collect detailed data about each load and then selects an appropriate program. This means that you’ll never use more power or water than absolutely necessary.

There are twelve different programs, including ‘express-20’, which can completely clean a small load in 20 minutes. The pre-ironing function is an absolute godsend and prevents creasing, making ironing much easier, or in some cases, not necessary at all.

Best Budget: Hoover H-WASH 300 H3WS68TAMCE NFC


Price (£) 299.99
Energy rating (kWh) A
Water usage (litres) 9580
Spin speed (rpm) 1600
Load capacity (kg) 8
Special programmes Steam clean, all in one 59, KG Mode
Dimensions (cm) H(89) x W(65) x D(56)

This freestanding version of the Hoover H-Wash offers a slightly smaller drum capacity, fewer additional features and a significantly lower price. However, it still provides many of the features that secured its sibling the ‘best integrated’ top spot.

Most importantly, it still has the unbeatable A energy rating and low annual water use. You also still get WiFI connectivity and 17 wash programs, including steam clean, the all in one 59 setting and the sensor driven ‘KG Mode’.

The main differences are that the motor is louder and, although it’s still an eco washing machine, it uses slightly more power and water throughout the year. However, it’s a real contender at this price and provides better value than most UK budget options.


When you’re choosing your perfect washing machine you may not realise the importance of the energy efficiency rating and annual water usage. Efficient eco machines can actually save you money as well as reducing your reliance on fossil fuels.

These machines aren’t just eco-friendly, they also represent great value and boast of lots of additional useful features. You may find that they save you time, money and even reduce your carbon footprint.

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