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Welcome to WashingWizard.co.uk!

Finding the right appliances to meet your washing and cleaning needs is getting increasingly confusing. With new developments, new gadgets and new features alongside concerns about energy efficiency and eco friendliness it’s often your head that’s in a spin, not the washing!

What We Do

Here at Washing Wizard we look at all the appliances that can be used to wash and clean your clothes and home, inside and out. From washing machines and rotary dryers to carpet cleaners and jet washes we cover it all. We’re here to make those complicated, expensive decisions seems easy and add a magic touch to the challenge of getting the perfect new appliance.

Our Mission

We look at the best products on the market and will give you all the information you need in an easy to digest, informative way. In this way we will create a detailed and accessible resource that will support you to find exactly what you need when you need it.

Washing Critic






The Reviews

Our detailed reviews will go into just the right amount of detail and include a simple rating system that will allow you to gauge a products quality in a glance. We will look at the design and features of each product while comparing it to other models on the market.

We will endeavour to try out each product when this isn’t possible, we will conduct detailed research and liaise with suppliers to ensure that our reviews give you everything you need to know. This will include opinions on:

  • Quality/Design
  • Features
  • Value for money
  • How effectively it completes the tasks you need it for

We will review the following using people who understand the industry:

-Washing Machines

-Washer Dryers

-Dryers (tumble, spin, rotary, airers)

-Irons, boards, presses and steamers

-Other cleaning appliances including, but not limited to, vacuums, jet washers and window vacuums

Because we are based in the UK all our reviews and comparisons will be based on products available here. They will either come from UK stores and manufacturers or offer quick, affordable shipping direct to you.

The Team

The team is made up of freelance writers, appliance testers and most importantly you the consumer. We encourage everyone who uses this site to leave their own reviews, share the latest information and to tell us when companies let their standards slip.

Every product and company page will have an option for you to review them and leave your own comments. With that information we can build up a resource that is trusted and always includes the very latest information.

Do you have a review suggestion? Send us a message.

Sonny Williams
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